Nutrition Store


  • Articles are typically 1-2 pages with educational information and practical ways for an athlete to apply the information in their own daily routine.
  • Example of handout topics:
    • Fluid needs- what to drink, how much, does the timing matter, etc
    • Calories- do the type of calories really matter? Carbs, protein, and fat – What’s the truth and how much do I need each?
    • Supplements- can they make me faster/more competitive and what’s safe?
    • Top ten myths about sports nutrition
    • Key performance foods for a meet/game
    • Dining-out tips for athletes.  Real life food choices from common restaurants
    • Breakfast meal examples
    • Top 5 tips for parents: how to feed your type of athlete
    • Coaches: How you can provide your athlete the best opportunity to excel through nutrition

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