Team Talks

Example of Clinic/Team/Event Flyer and Event Information:



Allow your student athlete the chance to be trained on how to succeed and stay fueled for 

high performance in a college or university setting.

Prepare your athlete for the next level of sports performanceExit Counseling Flyer

Our student athletes are equipped with the knowledge and physical skills to get accepted into elite college and university athletic programs, but not the knowledge to stay successful and get better once they are there. This program offers student athletes the ability to learn what their needs are as college athletes, what to expect from their dining halls and meal plans, and what is expected of them by their coaches and professors as a student athlete when they arrive on any college campus. They will be given tangible ways to succeed in their new found independence as a college student athlete. There will be a Q+A time after the presentation when student athletes and parents can ask any pertinent questions.


Cooking should be fun!  Sometimes we have a hard time getting ourselves excited to cook, much less getting our families in the kitchen to cook with us.  Hosting a cooking class for friends and family members is a fun way to learn new cooking techniques, new recipes, and and get everyone together.

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