Breakfast is the meal that makes champions!  It is a vital part of anyones nutrition plan, but if you are an athlete it is mandatory for success!  It is unfortunate that the impact that this meal has on an athletes health and performance is often overlooked.  I work with athletes on a daily basis that skip this meal.  The reasons I hear consistently are “I’m not hungry that early”, “I am in a rush and dont have time”, “the few extra minutes of sleep I get are more important”, etc.  You can train your body to function without it, but the bottom line is you will never know what you are capable of without breakfast if you dont start building it in to your nutritional plan.  The excuses for skipping breakfast have to stop!

Those trying to manage body weight or lose weight can prevent the afternoon and evening binges that usually lead to weight management problems by eating a healthy, calorie appropriate breakfast to “fill the tank” after a good nights sleep (you are fasting while you sleep for 6-8 hours so you need to give yourself high quality fuel to start your day).  Most should shoot for around 500 calories to get you going in the morning!  Successful weight loss occurs when you are fueled consistently on a regular basis and consume less overall calories than you require.  That doesnt mean starve all day long and then have a 1000 calorie binge before bed.  Try something as simple as a whole wheat english muffin (120 calories) with a tbsp peanut butter (100 calories), an orange (100 calories), and an individual greek yogurt (130 calories).

If you exercise in the morning it can be uncomfortable to have food in your stomach but it is still necessary.  Most can tolerate more simple carbohydrates or liquid calories when first transitioning to eating breakfast before morning workouts.  Try even 200-300 calories from something like a piece of toast and banana or a homemade smoothie with fresh fruits, greek yogurt, and ice.  You will find that even this small amount gives you a quick burst of energy to get going and allows for endurance to be enhanced.  Dont forget–your muscles are most likely to absorb nutrients and replace muscle glycogen (good exercise fuel)  within 2 hours of completing your workout.  so have a snack with you for when you finish or plan on having a “second breakfast.”

In this section I will post breakfast recipes, some are quick and some take a little more effort.  Choose the ones that work for you!

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