Change is good! NC State…newest RDpro client!

So much has happened since I got this blog up and running that I havent even been able to keep up with it!  This is my attempt to share the exciting things that have happened for RDpro, LLC and myself over the last two months.

I accepted the offer to become the Director of Sports Nutrition for North Carolina State University!  It has been such an amazing experience already!  I am hosting individual consultations, team seminars, grocery store tours, menu selections for travel, training table design and implementation, body composition analysis using the Bod Pod, etc.  I work with 600+ athletes and I have a very experienced and helpful graduate assistant, Charles Hewitt, who has been invaluable already.  I can not wait to help all the athletes at NC State however I can!

Nick and I hosted a clinic with Machine Aquatics in Washington DC for their age group swimmers, parents, and coaching staff.  While Nick did in the water technique training with the athletes I was able to work with the parents on what they can do to make it easy for the kids to feed themselves for optimum performance and recovery.  I then had a Q+A session with the athletes discussing pre and post practice/race nutrition, supplements, hydration, how to eat in school, etc.   A really exciting thing we did with Machine was to help train the coaching staff in practical ways their athletes can fuel themselves during and immediately after practice.  As coaches, spending so much time with these athletes their role in how the athletes fuel themselves is huge!  And this coaching staff was certainly ahead of the learning curve and excited to help their kids be at their best.  Thanks to Paris and Dan for having us!!!

Finally, for the second year I had the opportunity to speak at Johnson and Wales where the Charlotte Regional Sports Commission hosts an amazing event.  It is called the High School Athlete Leadership Summit and many Charlotte schools choose 2 male and 2 female athletes to attend.  They are offered information on how to be a good leader and teammate, how to handle success and failure, cooking demos from Johnson and Wales chefs, and my program-nutrition for the athlete.  I spoke with others including Muhsin Muhhamad (retired NFL Panthers player), Corey Nagy (up and coming pro golfer), and many others.  The panel of speakers was so well spoken and practical with their advice and I really hope the kids enjoyed being there as much as we did!

In the next few weeks I have a couple of local Charlotte High Schools I will be speaking at on sports nutrition and sustainability.  One of the books the schools were asked to read over the summer was Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- I will be using some of the concepts from this book and others to design my presentation on sustainability along with ways the kids and their families can utilize Charlotte farmers markets and locally prepared foods.  If you haven’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, check it out!  Till next time…

About SportsRDpro

Nutritionist, Foodie, proud alumni of University of South Carolina Gamecocks, 7 time All-American Swimmer

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