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Sports RDpro is a Charlotte based sports nutrition, weight management, and corporate wellness practice.  It is the mission of RDpro to provide all athletes and individuals we work with nutrition services utilizing current, evidence-based resources to promote athletic and personal success. Our business is dedicated to ensuring optimal energy intake, nutrient timing, and fluid balance while maintaining the overall well-being of the individual. It is the intent of this practice to enhance health and performance of athletes, and to provide individuals with the best care possible. It is our purpose and goal to educate athletes on the foundations of proper nutrition for athletic performance and recovery, in training and competition, as well as to counsel athletes on the application of cutting-edge sports nutrition practices.

Regardless of your location RDpro and Jennifer can support you in reaching your goals.


We are currently fueling:

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Queens University of Charlotte

  1. Hi Jennifer, just met your dad and nephew here in Norwood, MA. My husband and I own a sports training facility and your nephew takes one of our Mini Athletes classes. We do sports classes for children ages 3-6, along with speed and strength conditioning for athletes. Your father suggested we introduce ourselves to you as we share a common interest. I love your website….check us out at Nice to meet you!

    • So sorry I never wrote back to you! Haven’t kept up with the webpage but am starting to redo it and be better about it. Good to meet you! We come up there a few times a year so if you’re ever interested in me coming in to speak to your athletes doing speed agility or even parents with their younger kids there I would be happy to. Have a great evening!

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